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Farm Field Day Recap

Article by Melissa Kruse-Peeples, NS/S Education Coordinator, published September 27, 2016.

Last weekend Native Seeds/SEARCH hosted over 100 participants at our Conservation Farm in Patagonia, Arizona for a field day. The event provided an opportunity for people to learn more about growing crops for seed, seed processing, heritage varieties, aridlands agricultural techniques, as well as enjoy beautiful weather and setting of the farm.

How to Save Watermelon Seeds

Article by Melissa Kruse-Peeples, NS/S Education Coordinator, published July 28, 2016.

Nothing says summer like crisp, sweet, refreshing watermelon. In honor of National Watermelon Day on August 3rd, we thought we would encourage growers to save seeds of their favorite watermelon varieties. It is easy, fun, and delicious! Even the tiniest of seed savers can get in on the fun. Saving watermelon seeds is a great activities for kids and the kid inside every adult.

Rio Grande Red Seeded Watermelon

Article by Sheryl Joy, NS/S Seed Distribution Coordinator, published July 13, 2016.

Last summer's grow-out at the Conservation Farm gave us a nice harvest of Rio Grande Red-Seeded Watermelon, a variety that hasn't been available to the public before.  The small fruit have beautiful red seeds and juicy pale yellow flesh that is not very sweet, but has a crisp refreshing taste like a cucumber with a hint of citrus.

Celebrate Dia de San Juan!

Article by Melissa Kruse-Peeples, NS/S Education Coordinator, originally published June 22, 2016. Revised June 22, 2017.

The annual tradition of celebrating the onset of monsoon season in the Southwest begins with San Juan’s Day or Dia de San Juan on June 24. San Juan’s Day is the feast day for St. John the Baptist, the patron saint of water. The monsoons are coming and soon the life giving water from the sky will bless our parched ground.

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