The nonprofit mission of Native Seeds/SEARCH is to conserve and promote arid-adapted crop diversity to nourish a changing world. We work within the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico to strengthen regional food security.
Please join us in this necessary work.


Food and Seed Aid for the Tarahumara

Much of Mexico has been devastated by a combination of prolonged drought and cold snaps. A recent NY Times article discusses the crisis, as do many others. The Tarahumara have been hit particularly hard. Please consider donating to the Red Cross for immediate food aid to Mexico (there are instructions for designating that your donation goes toward relief for Mexico).

In addition to immediate food assistance, the Tarahumara need seeds. Native Seeds/SEARCH will be donating as much seed of Tarahumara corn, beans, and other crops as we can. We will also be doing seed increases of Tarahumara varieties this summer so that we can provide more extensive assistance next year. Please consider donating to the Red Cross for immediate assistance, and then please consider donating to Native Seeds/SEARCH to help support our seed growouts for the Tarahumara. If you are a farmer and would like to help, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..